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The hope of America lies and has consisted in the fact that its political ideals and forms of government…reflect in two directions at once — toward the external good of a life of liberty and equality and the reasonable search for a normal life of community and creative aspiration [the first history]; and at the same time inwardly toward the search for inner development, the life of conscience and reason that defines the true nature of humanity and gives life its ultimate meaning [the second history]…
The hope of America lies in the fact that it has made room [not only for the first history, but also] for the search that characterizes the second history of the world.

Jacob Needleman


A Legacy of Peace

Americans, in all their diversity, have witnessed to peace, justice and compassion throughout the centuries, leaving us with a rich legacy of peace.  For every person featured here there are hundreds more who will become part of the larger AMP exhibitions.


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The time is always right to do what is right.

Martin Luther King, Jr.  (1929 – 1968)


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