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Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. Live with love, integrity and respect to experience, extend and enhance peace.American Museum of Peace

The American Museum of Peace (AMP) honors the intention for peace that has been central to the vision of America from the beginning, an intention for peace that is ever-so-critical today. Never before have we been so perfectly presented with the undeniable truth that all life is one interconnected, interdependent whole.

AMP finds the good and builds on it, celebrating the high ideals of America’s peacemakers, their commitment to life, to liberty of conscience, to freedom and justice; those peacemakers who lived and worked to fulfill and extend the best that has come before us and the promise of America’s founding.

Active and influential in their own spheres, these men and women of conscience, compassion and peace understood that peace is multi-dimensional: a condition experienced by an individual in harmony with conscience, a dynamic resulting in right relationship with another and a cornerstone of America’s founding, existing as a goal from the beginning and never absent from that day to this.

AMP presents their stories, the dilemmas they faced, the lessons they learned and taught that we might learn from their example, build on the good that has come before us and form a more perfect union and a more peaceful world.

AMP explores the interconnected, interdependent nature of reality from the perspective of various disciplines, inviting visitors to consider the ancient wisdom texts, the philosophic, religious, and metaphysical teachings in light of scientific discoveries and contemporary concerns.

AMP is a place to explore the attitudes and attributes of peace, a place that extols the principles and practices that foster peace; a place that encourages us to see the opportunities for peace that exist within and around us, reminding us that peace is ours to choose – NOW.

Incorporated in the District of Columbia and registered as an educational 501(c)(3) organization, the American Museum of Peace (AMP) Inc. is a museum-in-the-making that is actively researching America’s peace history, sponsoring special programs in the DC metro area, seeking support, developing its online presence and establishing a sure foundation for the museum. As it grows AMP will seek a larger physical location in our nation’s capital where it can create and feature core, traveling and special exhibits, offer workshops, activities and programs, develop partnerships and serve as a national and community resource:

  • To honor those who have lived to fulfill and extend the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness;
  • To extol the principles and practices that foster compassion, cooperation, civility and peace;
  • To kindle a desire to foster peace at home and around the world;
  • To advance the possibility of peace for current and future generations.

This website, AMPeace.org, provides a glimpse of the vision and an introduction to the scope of exhibits and programs offered at the American Museum of Peace (AMP).

AMP needs your support.  Every donation is vital towards sustaining AMP’s growth and development. Each donation makes it possible for AMP to continue the research, organizational, web, program and exhibit development necessary to establish AMP as a significant museum presence in Washington, DC, one that draws on America’s rich and diverse peace history to create exhibits and programs in DC, on the AMPeace.org website and for special features and traveling exhibits.

Your tax-deductible contribution will help to establish AMP in our nation’s Capital where local, national and international visitors can remember and celebrate those who lived and labored to uphold and extend those principles of peace that are so vital to our nation and to the world, a place where each can reflect on the attitudes and attributes that promote peace that we might rededicate ourselves to a more perfect union and a more peaceful world.

Make your tax-deductible contribution to AMP via PayPal: Donate to AMP or mail your contribution to:  American Museum of Peace, The Towers #1106west, 4201 Cathedral Avenue NW, Washington DC, 20016.

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